Types of Absences

Excused Absences:

Please communicate absences with Victory staff. There are many extenuating circumstances that will reflect an excused absence.
Examples include: illness, injury, funeral, student’s legal obligations, medical procedures, religious observances, deployment of a military family member, emergency conditions in the student’s home, or other reason deemed acceptable by the principal. 

Unexcused Absences:

Examples of unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, missing a ride, bus, car trouble, all day or period absence with or without parent knowledge, and absences where the parent has not provided appropriate explanation or requested documentation, such as a physician’s letter.
If a parent/guardian does not contact the school, they will be classified as unexcused. See the attendance ladder found at the bottom of this page for unexcused absence guidelines. 

Prearranged Unexcused Absences:

Parents are encouraged to minimize absences during school hours, and to plan family trips and vacations during school holidays. Although you have notified the school of an impending non-school related absence, it will be classified as Pre-Arranged Unexcused and the attendance protocols will still be followed. (See protocols below).
Students must physically be in person in order to be marked present. Parents and students are encouraged to work with teachers prior to the absence to develop a plan for making up missed work. If your family is going on vacation or taking a trip, please notify the school, but note that it will be listed as a Pre-Arranged Unexcused Absence. 

Unexcused Attendance Procedures by Number of Absences :

1-4 Unexcused Absences: School personnel contacts home.
5+ Unexcused Absences: Initial Conference with school counselor/school personnel (See Initial Conference Document below).
6-10 Unexcused Absences: Interagency Meeting with administration and parent/guardian (See Interagency Meeting Document below).
11+ Unexcused Absence: Referral to Attendance Officer to develop and attendance plan
Initial Conference Agenda Form