Photo and Video Opt-Out

Per PWCS Regulation 790-3, schools may use photographs and pictures of students for in school and public use such as through the school website and other social media sites. Section B in the opt-out form specifically is focused on photographs and videos.

At Victory, pictures and videos generally will not have student names.When they do, only student's first names will be listed. Anything other than that, the school will call the parents in advance.

The purposes of any pictures or videos of students will be to promote school events and activities, recognize student achievement and performance, or display instruction and school practices.

Click here for a link to the regulation and opt-out form if you do NOT want your child to have photographs on public sites.

The process for when students/parents opt-out will be that when the school is taking pictures or videos, they will ask your child to step out of the activity in order to ensure they are not pictured.

On the opt-out form, you can designate specifically what you do and do not allow for the school to make public (for instance, group pictures;individual pictures; pictures, but no names; school website but not social media; etc.).

If you complete the opt-out form, do the following:
  • Turn in the form to the office
  • Let your child's teacher know so they are aware of your expectations
  • Let your child know

If you have questions or concerns, please contact school administration at 703-257-0356 and we would be happy to discuss any of this with you.