Small Group Counseling

Instructor: Mrs. Raquedan & Mrs. Kiser



As a part of an effective, comprehensive counseling program, small counseling groups are essential for children needing extra support in a specific area. Small groups allow children who are experiencing similar concerns to share their stories, learning coping skills, receive feedback, practice new behaviors and provide encouragement to each other.

The Counseling program is pleased to provide several small groups for students this year. I believe they will provide children with a unique experience in which to grow personally, socially and academically.

General Group Counseling
Participation is voluntary
Are held once a week for 20-30 minutes
Last no longer than 4-6 weeks
Students only may participate in one group at a time

Changing Families: Emotions dealing with immediate family changes such as divorce, re-marriage, new baby, etc.
Stress Busters: Generalized anxiety issues and facing fears
Bootcamp: Academic skills, test taking skills, organization, goal setting, etc.
Social Skills/Making and Keeping Friends: Pro-social social skills, conflict management, anger, etc.
Executive Functioning: Paying attention, starting and staying on task, emotional regulation.
Ladies Who Lunch: Navigating female friendships
Dudes Who Dine: Navigating male friendships