Here are ideas for the fourth and fifth graders who are looking for enrichment:  The fifth graders were starting this project with the strings classes before we had interruption of classes.This is not a required project in research.  This is for additional stimulation if your child would like to do something.


5th Grade Research
If you don't have access to a computer for your child to use, your child is welcome to read a book and write a summary of the book that they read while they are off from school.  If your child is not interested in the topics below, they can email me and get approval of a topic that they are very interested in.
If your SIGNET 5th grader or even your 4th grader is getting bored, they can do an independent research project with a power point on any of the following:

Name_______________________________________ 5th Grade Strings-SIGNET project.


Slide 1 with the question and who is answering it.

Slide 2 when it was popular ( a year and a picture of it)

Slide 3 what age group mostly used it ( what did they wear at the time?)

Slide 4 What in our culture is like it now. ( What do we use instead now?)

Slide 5 What do you think will be the next step?  ( What is the next direction it might take?)

 Here are some possible Research choices 1960-1990

What happened in space with Apollo 1, Apollo 5, Apollo 6 & Apollo 7?

What was the space race? How did it change the United States??

What is the history of video games from 1960-1990?

How did radio change from 1960-1990?

What is the history of clothes from 1960-1990?

What was an arcade game in 1960?, 1970? 1980? 1989

What were these things? A stereo? A Walkman? A boombox?

What is the history of Gameboy?

What were the beginning video games? How are they different from now?

What were the popular cars of the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s?

When did microwaves come out and what could they do?

What happened with Apollo 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12?

What was a cassette player? Why were they popular with teenagers? When were they popular?

What was an 8 track player? What was it used for and when?

What is the history of a record player? What was it used for and when?

How did hair styles change from 1960-1990?

How did headphones change from 1960-1990?

What was MTV and how did it change the music industry? What was American Bandstand? What was Solid Gold?

What was Apollo 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17?

How did newspapers change from 1960-1990?

How did food change from 1960-1990?

How has television changed from 1960-1990?

What was the gas crisis?

How has architecture of houses changed from 1960-1990?

How did computers change from 1960-1990?

How does fast food change from 1960-1990?

When did Nasa start the space shuttle system and what did it change in the space system?

What was a VCR?  How did it change over time?  What do we use now instead?

4th Grade History Research
Choose one of the wars our country has participated in
Revolutionary War
Civil War
War of 1812
World War 1
Korean War

Slide 1
Who were allies with the United States?  Why did they side with the U.S?

Slide 2
Who did we fight against?  Why were we against them?

Slide 3
How long did the war last? When did it start and end?

Slide 4
How was the United States different after the war?

Slide 5
At least one picture of the time frame of the war.  If the time is long ago, a picture of a painting from this time.