Results of the Cardboard Challenge:
PWCS students was absolutely amazing!  Winners were announced on Twitter this morning, but I also wanted to share them with you here.

Each entry was rated by a panel of judges on a scale from ONE to FIVE stars. Judges looked for creative ideas, clever use of materials, realistic design, teamwork, size, and problem solving potential. The entries with the top 6 scores are listed below. Each student or team will receive a certificate and prize - I'll be delivering them over the weekend. 😉
  1. House - Daniela Escobar, Bel Air ES
  2. Musical Instrument - Robert Arroyos, Montclair ES
  3. Star Gazer 2000 - Subhaan Malik, Swans Creek ES
  4. Marble Roller Coaster - Grace and Jacob Casaverde, Chris Yung ES
  5. Gumball Obstacle Course - Charlie Berger, Pennington Traditional
  6. Sewing Machine - Daniel Nanthavongsa, Marumsco Hills ES

Thank you to everyone who promoted the challenge!  And, thank you to Kelcie for helping to upload all the videos/photos onto Twitter and for creating the judging scorecards (287 questions with links over 3 different forms!). 

See you soon!
Brenda Bailey
Supervisor of Gifted Education
Office of Student Learning
Prince William County Public Schools

Websites for enrichment 

Games and Puzzles: 

STEAM Learning and Projects: 


                This year classes will be held in room 214.  I will be picking students up from their classes and returning them to their class for encore, lunch and recess.  The fifth grade students will be with their classes for strings.   I know that missing any of these scheduled school events was often a concern for students, parents, and teachers.  I believe our schedule will be good for everyone.

                I hope to greet many of you at our START/SIGNET Parent information night in October.  If you are in the building before then, please feel free to come to visit us in our classroom.


Mrs. Beth Sullivan

Gifted Resource Teacher

The  Gifted Identification Process

In Prince William County Schools, students are found eligible for gifted services in Specific Intellectual Aptitude (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and/or History and Social Sciences). The Identification and Placement process in Prince William County uses multiple criteria. The identification process begins either through general screening procedures or through the referral of a student by a parent, teacher, school staff member, or a community member. Students may also refer themselves. Referral forms may be obtained from the gifted education resource teacher.

A Division Identification and Placement meeting will be held within 90 school days from the date that written parent permission is received to determine eligibility. The criteria evaluated in gifted education identification process include the following:
·Assessment of student products or portfolios classroom performance
·Parent observations
·Teacher evaluation and observations
·Aptitude and achievement test scores

Because identification criteria and services vary greatly among localities, transfer students who have been receiving gifted education services in other school divisions do not automatically receive services in Prince William County. The Gifted Education Resource Teacher will review the student’s files, and Prince William County’s formal identification process will be initiated. In appropriate cases, data required for identification will be collected and combined with data from the student’s previous school. When enrolling, please notify the school of the student’s identification for services in another locality.