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Welcome to Miss Ellis' Fourth Grade Class Family!

We are going to have a fantastic year together!

Miss Jessica Ellis

Class Vision: We are epic, respectful, responsible, and safe superheroes. We will always try to have a positive attitude no matter what! We are a kind and outstanding class everywhere we go. Together we are an awesome class! 
Class Mission: We will be kind and considerate to our friends. We will raise our hand and listen in class. We will treat others how we want to be treated. 


What could I do today to exercise my brain??

Choice Board Week 8 - June 8 to June 12
Revolution vs Rotation Activity

Summer Math Activities and Calendar_entering grade 5 2020-2021 

End of Year Awards 2019-2020

Camp Invention-Summer Camp Flyer
This is a great way to get kids involved in STEM activities!  Each student receives 4 kits sent to their home that include everything they need to complete the day's activities plus an activity handbook.  These are the same kits and STEM activities they would be doing in person during camp.  Campers will meet twice a day virtually with an instructor.  In the morning we go through the daily agenda and get psyched for the day.  At the end of the day everyone meets virtually to share what they learned and show their awesome creations.  Save $15 by using the code ELEVATE15.


Last Week:
Choice Board Week 7 - June 1 to June 5

Resources for Week 7: 
Colonial VA Picture Cards
ColonialVA TEST

You can still look at these:
Choice Board Week 6 - May 26 to May 29

BONUS:  Link to Career Fair that we talked about in our class meeting!

Choice Board Week 5 - May 18 to May 22

Resources for Week 5:
VS.3 Jamestown Picture Flashcards 
VS.3a-g Reading _ Questions

Choice Board Week 4 - May 11 to May 15

Resources for Week 4:
Writing Resource - Regions
Cloud Types Project _ Poster
Weather Masses _ Fronts Reading _ Questions
Severe Weather Research Planning

Choice Board Week 3 - May 4 to May 8

Social Studies Resources for Week 3:
Native Americans- The First Inhabitants of VA Power Point
VA Studies Native America
VA Indians Past _ Present Reading _ Question
Climate _ Language Groups Sorts
Indian Lang Groups 

Choice Board Week 2 - April 27 to May 1

Science Resources for Week 2: 
SOL 4.9 Natural Resources Study Guide with pics 
Unit 1 mineral resources book
Virginia's Natural Resources Matching Cards SOL 4.9

 Choice Board Week 1 April 15-24

Directions to Access Readworks

Read Aloud of Out of My Mind on Flipcode ellis5149

How to Log into Clever and Office 365

Class Meetings on Tuesdays at 10AM using Microsoft Teams
Miss Ellis' Office Hours from 10:00-11:00 on Wednesdays

Additional Resources 

There is a new FOOD HELP LINE 703-794-4668.   Families can call this number and there are agents that will help direct them to their nearest food pantry based on their location or they will be entered into a system to get a delivery if they do not have transportation or are immune compromised.  




*Office 365- Clever (many activities are here including Myon (reading), Benchmark Universe (reading), Dreambox (math), Coding, Typing

* (student code is in student Agenda) - IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE CODE PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR IT :)


* (our next VA Studies unit is Reconstruction, and this site reviews all units learned previous to Reconstruction)

*Khan Academy (math)

Wilbooks linked here: -books that can be searched by guided reading level & grade level, AND there are books in Spanish

Taking time daily to read together, read independently, and practice math supports continued growth!

**As an added resource, I emailed our flip grid web address for video resources I have recorded to support review in different subject areas.  The students may record follow up videos, questions, or responses with your permission by clicking the green '+' symbol. **

***If you have any questions regarding COVID-19, please visit the PWCS website listed below:***

 in need of a school counselor or social worker, Mrs. Raquedan, Mrs. Kiser, and Mrs. Devers can be reached through their contact information on the school website. Additionally the mental health support contact is

Current Units of Study:

Math - Decimals - so far in decimals we have discussed place value to the thousandths place, word and standard form, and rounding decimals.
Social Studies - Civil War - we just tested on this on Friday.  Our next unit will be Reconstruction
Writing - Poetry - we have been writing poems and learning the peer editing process by giving 'glows' and 'grows' to our partners
Reading - Poetry - we have discussed rhyme scheme, tone, author's purpose, figurative language, and sensory words.


Daily Schedule   


8:50 9:15   Morning Work/Announcements
9:15 10:30      Math
10:35 11:15      Encore
11:20 12:15 Sci/S.S.
12:20 12:50   Lunch
1:00 2:00   Language Arts
2:00 2:30   Recess
2:30 3:00   Language Arts
3:00 3:30   Core Extension
3:35 3:40   Dismissal

Encore Schedule 10:35-11:15

Day Encore
 Monday  Library
 Tuesday  Art
 Wednesday  P.E.
 Thursday Music
 Friday  P.E. 

*Don't forget to wear tennis shoes on Wednesdays and Fridays.
*Remember to return library books each Monday!