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Mrs. Raab

 Welcome to our class page! We are going to have a great year in second grade! Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

What are we learning in 2nd grade?
Check back here each week to see what we're doing in class!

We jut finished up learning about non-fiction text features including table of contents, headings, bold print, glossary, index, captions, and diagrams. We worked on using our background knowledge to understand a topic, using text features to ask and answer questions, and to identify the main idea and details. Our next unit is poetry. We will read various poems and use our senses to make inferences, visualize, and make connections.

Students worked to write various informational texts. They wrote "All About" books about different topics including themselves and the Famous Americans we learned about in Social Studies. Coming up next we will write our own poems using descriptive language, similes, metaphors, and describe feelings. We will get to write various poems like acrostic, haiku, cinquain, and free verse.

Social Studies/Science:
We finished up learning about Famous Americans and how communities change over time. Our next science unit is all about force and motion. Students will experience how different things move (roll, spin, push, pull) as well how different forces affect objects (like gravity and magnetism).

We are done with probability and graphing. Students collected data and made bar graphs and pictographs. We then analyzed the data by answering questions about the graph. Next we will review and build on previous concepts/skills such as comparing/conrasting, 10 more than/10 less than, 100 more than/100 less than, place value, addition and subtraction, and story problems.


Distance Learning/Student Work
Please visit the "2nd Grade Distance Learning" tab to view this week's choice board with recommended assignments for each subject. Students should be doing about one hour of work per subject per week and the choice board outlines various activities they may do each day. These activities review previously taught content and is optional and will not be graded.

You may also access all of the resources and activities that were previously shared for things you may do at home to review/practice skills. Please check the "files and documents" and  "useful links" on this page (located on the left side of this page if viewing on a home computer; on a mobile device, this will be on the top of the page) regularly as I will be updating these with more activities. 

Students may also access their Office 365 accounts (log in information was sent home or e-mailed previously) to find other activities including Benchmark Universe and DreamBox. As always, I am here to help and you can e-mail with any questions you may have.

Class Meetings & Office Hours
Zoom class meetings will be every Monday at 1:00pm (link will be e-mailed)
Mrs. Raab's open office hours are Wednesdays from 1-2pm (but please feel free to reach out at anytime!)

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Encore Schedule

 Day Encore
 Monday  Library
 Tuesday  Art
 Wednesday  P.E.
 Thursday  Music
 Friday  P.E

Daily Schedule 

8:50 9:00   Arrival
9:00   10:15      Reading
10:15 11:00      Writing
11:00 11:35 Science/S.S.
11:35 12:05   Lunch
12:25 12:45   Recess
12:45 2:15   Math
2:15 3:00   Encore
3:00 3:35   Core Extension
3:35 3:40   Dismissal