For Students & Parents:
Mrs. Lindsay's Read Alouds:
Mrs. Lindsay's Read Aloud 1

Math Free Resources 
Dreambox (found in students' Office 365- Clever)
Khan Academy (search in google)

All Subjects:
BrainPOP (search in google, click "Clever" to access)

Science and Social Studies:

Myon and Benchmark Universe (found in students' Office 365- Clever)

 Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Liston's P.E. webpage


*Additional online activities available through Office 365- Clever: Coding, Typing, Powerpoint

For Parents & Families:
*Victory Literacy Resources:
Please see Mrs. Diaz's webpage

*PWCS Home Learning page (copy and paste url to access)... 
Please go to the PWCS homepage

*School Counseling Newsletter:
School Counseling Newsletter

*If in need of a school counselor or social worker, Mrs. Raquedan, Mrs. Kiser, and Mrs. Devers can be reached through their contact information on the school website. Additionally the mental health support contact is