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Hello, flock!  Welcome to our FLAMAZING website.  

UPDATE  4/27:
Due to some scheduling conflicts, our weekly class meeting time has been changed to 3:30 on Fridays.  Invitations will be sent out that morning.  

UPDATE  4/14:

Choice Boards:

Victory will be utilizing weekly choice boards that will contain optional activities for each subject. Your family can decide how/when you would like to implement the choice board.  The first one has been uploaded to my website under Distance Learning and then your student’s grade level and then the date.  Any resources referenced on the choice board are located in the same folder.  The first choice board contains activities for April 15th through April 24th. After that, choice boards will be sent out weekly on Monday mornings.  Please remember that all of the activities on the choice boards are optional. None of the work from the choice boards will be graded, but your child is more than welcome to share their work with me so that I can provide feedback and/or assistance.  

Staying in Touch:

-Starting this week, our class will have a weekly Zoom meetings on Fridays at 1:30.  I will send out the weekly invitation that morning.  This will be a chance for everyone to catch up with one another.  In addition, I will conduct a short social skills lesson.  

-I will be available via email or Zoom for "office hours" on Mondays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:00.  If your child ever needs some help/support on an assignment, or you have questions about anything, you can expect an immediate response during those times.  I will send out a recurring invitation for the office hours.  I will open the meeting at 2:30 so that you can join during that time period.   For Zoom office hours, please note that both a parent and a child should be present.  With that being said, I check my email frequently throughout the day.  Do NOT hesitate to contact me at any time as you or your child need support or assistance.  If regular school hours don’t work for you....don’t worry!  We can always work something out.  

UPDATE  3/31:

Here are some new ideas for you that do not require any technology:
1.  Go on a nature walk and explore the 5 senses--smell, touch, feel, taste, hear.  Ask your student questions like....What do you hear?  What does that feel like? What can you smell?  
2.  Have kids help with cooking, especially measuring.  A great math activity!
3.  Draw a map of your neighborhood from memory.  Walk around your neighborhood and see how accurate the map is.  Make changes to it as you walk.
4.  Drag out your Christmas Tree (if you have one) and decorate it with a Spring theme, such as drawn flowers, kites, baby animals, etc.
5.  Make art out of common household items, such as a robot out of bottle caps, a cereal box, tape and toilet paper rolls.  
6.  Paint using Q tips.
7.  Make a collage tearing up paper.  
8.  Make your own play dough  (See recipe under Useful Links)
9.  Play the opposite game....You say on, they say off.  You say up, they say down.  How many can you come up with?
10.  Make pasta jewelry.  Paint it, thread it, wear it!

ORIGINAL POST***************
cartoon bookLooking for something to do.....READ!  It would be great if students read at least 20 MINUTES PER DAY until we come back.  Ask your child to read to you or a sibling.  Then, have them summarize the book by telling you what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the book in sequence.  

Students were sent home with their Office 365 logins the last day students were at school.  If your student does not recall their username or password, email me at the above email address and I can send you what I have.
Once students are logged on to Office 365, they can get to a variety of sources through Clever Single Sign On LogoCLEVER.  Dreambox LogoDREAMBOX is a great math app and MyOn LogoMYON is a great reading app found within Clever.  
Students who read or listen to books on MYON should take the comprehension quizzes.  

Check out the USEFUL LINKS on our website for additional ideas.  

Along with information on our class website, be sure to check out the General Education teacher's website for additional information.

David A--Mrs. Shipp
Cristofer--Mrs. Salley
Alex--Mrs. Sergek
Lucas--Mrs. Baker
David--Mrs. Gipson
Denis--Mrs. Sergek and Mrs. Peterson
Aaron--Mrs. Staples
Jaxon--Ms. Ellis
Sean--Mrs. Landis