March 2020

Classroom Counseling Lessons - College and Career Awareness

Throughout the month, all grade levels will participate in a variety of college and career awareness activities and lessons. Grades 4 and 5 will be exposed to the RIASEC career clusters and the various jobs included in each cluster that can complement each student's strengths and interests. Grade 3 students will be taking interest inventories to identify their potential paths and K-2 will be learning about community helpers and the tools they use in their careers. 

Career Fairs

The counselors are working with Mrs. Sullivan and her SIGNET 5th graders in a Project Based Learning activity that culminates in them presenting their researched career to all K-3 grade students. Each student took an in-depth interest survey and was paired with another student who's interests and strengths complimented theirs. They will identify a career they wish to pursue and use a variety of research methods to create a presentation.


Our 4th and 5th grade students will participate in a career fair being presented by a variety of high school students from Stonewall High School and adults presenting on their field of study and current careers. Just a few of the represented careers are: commercial airline pilots, Nursing, police, military, engineering, science, ect. 

College and Career Awareness Spirit Week
March 23 - 27

Monday, March 23rd: I moustache you to graduate from high school: wear a moustache

Tuesday, March 24th: Your future is so bright: wear bright neon colors and sunglasses

Wednesday, March 25th: When I grow up...: dress up as the career you want

Thursday, March 26th: Get "tied up" in your education and hat's off to graduating: wear a hat and tie

Friday: Your pathway begins in elementary school: wear your favorite college swag