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Kelli Sergek


Welcome to Mrs. Sergek's Class.  This will be a great year!

Mission Statement: We are the best, most awesome 2nd grade class of quality students!

Vision Statement: Every day we will work hard, try our best, help others, and have fun learning!



Hi my awesome 2nd graders!  I am missing you a lot while we're all at home!  I have loved hearing from you- please keep it coming!  I can't wait to see you again.  I am so proud of all the work you are doing from home!  Keep it up guys!  Love you- Mrs. Sergek :)

What we are working on: 

Reading:  We are in the last week of our non-fiction reading unit.  We have been working very hard on main idea and supporting details.  As we read, we are trying to figure out what we are learning from the books and proving that in our writing!  Next up, we will begin exploring poetry! 
Please make sure your child is doing their 20 minutes of reading every night!

Writing: We are finishing up non-fiction writing.  We have learned how-to paragraphs as well as all-about paragraphs.  We have also studied adjectives and compound words.

Unit Time:   We have a very quick unit on communities and how they change.  We look at how inventions change communities and population growth changes them also.  We will next be moving into science.

PLEASE MAKE USE OF THE STUDY GUIDES THAT COME HOME WITH EVERY UNIT!  All of our test questions and vocabulary come right from these!

Math:  We tested on graphs and data this week!  We did an amazing job!  Next up, we will return to addition and subtraction.  But this time, we will learn how to regroup!

 Upcoming Dates:
April 14th- return to school- TENTATIVE

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
August 30, no eventsAugust 31, no eventsSeptember 01, no eventsSeptember 02, no eventsSeptember 03, no eventsSeptember 04, no eventsSeptember 05, no events
September 06, no eventsSeptember 07, no eventsSeptember 08, no eventsSeptember 09, no eventsSeptember 10, no eventsSeptember 11, no eventsSeptember 12, no events
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Encore Schedule 2:15-3:00 pm

 Day Encore
 Monday  Music
 Tuesday  PE
 Wednesday  Library
 Thursday  Art
 Friday  PE

Please make sure you wear tennis shoes on gym days!
Daily Schedule 

9:00 10:30   Reading
Phonics time, reading groups, comprehension skills
10:30 11:oo      Writer's Workshop
11:00 11:44      Science/
Social Studies - these alternate depending on the unit.
11:45 12:15 Lunch
12:15 12:25   Bathroom break
12:25 12:45   Recess
12:45 2:00   Math
2:15- 3:00   Encore
3:oo 3:30   Core Extension
3:35 3:40   Dismissal

We will have a quick snack during core extension.  Please send in a snack daily!  I also encourage your child to bring a water bottle!