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        Curious George

Mrs. Baldwin

June 8-12 K Choice Board Distance Learning
June 1-5 K Choice Board Distance Learning
May 26-29 K Choice Board Distance Learning
May 18-22 K Choice Board Distance Learning
May 11-15 Choice Board Distance Learning
K Victory Choice Board Distance Learning May 4-8
K Victory ES Choice Board Distance Learning April 27-May 1.docx
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PWCS Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

Here are some links for practice and review:
PWCS Home Learning

Curious You On Your Way! (read aloud)
The 10 Best Things About My Dad (read aloud)
Phonemic awareness 4 (video)
Blending 4 (video)
Caterpillar to Butterfly (read aloud)

A Caterpillar Grows Up (read aloud)
Verbal Pathways for letter formation (handout)
Lined primary writing paper (paper)
Letters that swim below the line (guide)
Small, tall, & descending letters (guide)
House Handwriting Paper (paper)
Living Things (read aloud)
Phonemic awareness 3 (fast)
Phonemic awareness (slow)
When I Grow Up (read aloud)
Teacher (read aloud)

Helpers in Your Neighborhood (read aloud)
MakeaMapofaNeighborhood (handout)
Jobs (read aloud)
Delivery workers are community helpers (presentation)
Phonemic Awareness 2 (video)

Phonemic Awareness.Lesson (video)
Mail Carriers (read aloud)
Garbage Collectors (read aloud)
Construction Workers (read aloud)
Billions of Bricks (read aloud)

Veterinarians (read aloud)
Doctor Ted  (fiction read aloud)
A Day with a Doctor.mp4 (read aloud)
Doctors  (read aloud)
What's My Job by Lyn Calder- Read Aloud Video.mp4 
A Day with Police Officers by Jodie (read aloud)
Police Officer Tools by Laura Hamilton (read aloud)
Officer Buckle & Gloria by Peggy Rathmann (read aloud).mp4
Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty.mp4 (read aloud)
Police writing.pdf (paper)
Firefighter writing.pdf (paper)
Dump truck abc write.pdf (paper)
Vet word sort.pdf (sort)
Fire Fighter Community Helpers Video.mp4
Label a firefighter.pdf (worksheet)
Exclamation Mark by Amy Krouse (read aloud)
Yes, Day! by Amy Krouse (read aloud)
Straw by Amy Krouse (read aloud)
Don't by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (read aloud)
Little Pea (book).mov (read aloud)
Blending Drill 3.MOV (video)
Blending Drill (video)
Blending Drill .mov (video)
Sound (video)
Sound Drill (no pictures)

Mrs. Lindsay Reads The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juste (video)
Mrs. Lindsay reading Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett (video)
Mrs. Lindsay reads What Is A Whispery Secret by Lois Hobart (video)

Teach Your Monster To Read
(phonics and reading)

Sight word review - Level A )(video)
Sight word review - Level B (video)
Sight word review - Level C (video)
Sight word review - Level D (video)

Reading CVC words  (video)
Reading CVC Words 2 (video)
Letter Formation 

Storyline - books read aloudDiscuss the role of the author/illustrator. Retell the story using the beginning, middle, and end. Discuss the characters and setting.

Click here for free guided reading digital books

Click here for Scholastic at home - Free digital books

Art for Kids Hub youtube channel   - Have your student write a sentence about the picture they draw.


Ways to Make 5 (paper)
Ten Frames Making Ten.pdf (worksheet)

Vet Animal Math Story.pdf (worksheet)

Click here for Dreambox (class code: 82909)

Origo Math Curriculum- Learning at home

Click here for ABCya

Count to 100 with Jack Hartmann (video)

Count to 100 by tens (video)

The Money Song (coin video)

Subitize Rock (video)

Subitize country (video)

Click here for BrainPop Jr.  

(Email me for BrainPOP password info)

Click here for Scholastic Book Orders (as low as $1 a book!)  Class code: PP2FK 

Where is Mrs. Baldwin? (photo)


Here are some things you can review at home:

  • Practice reading and writing words (sight words/CVC words)
  • Make the practice fun! 
    • hide words in the house- find them, read them, spell them  
      • make the words with play-doh, sidewalk chalk, foam bath letters, refrigerator magnets
      • write the words in a tray/plate of salt/sand 
      • find sight words when reading book 
  • Read books with your child 
    • ask them questions about the book (before/during/after)
  • Have them draw a picture and write a sentence (using capital, spacing, and punctuation). Invented spelling with sounds is the goal! Sight words should be spelled correctly. 
  • Teach Your Monster to Read (reading games) 
    • use star code: 284346
    • they just need to type their name and star code (no password) 
  • Dreambox (math games) 
    • school code: dweh/ng5a 
    • classroom code: 82909
  • There is a 100 chart in the files/documents which can be used to: 
    • practice counting to 100 by ones and tens 
    • practice number before (0-10)
    • practice number after (0-100)
  • Practice identifying and writing numbers 1-20
  • Making 5 and Making 10 (0+5, 1+4, 2+3) math facts
  • Coins- identifying coin and value  
  • Lucky Family Project (in document folder)

Click on "useful links" and "files and documents" to the left for great options for learning at home.

Email me with any questions or concerns:

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