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Mrs. Cypher's Class Family Website!


Mrs. Jessica Cypher
*Please feel free to email, as I check email daily on school days!*

Welcome to Mrs. Cypher’s Class, room 218. 
Excited for a great year!

Vision Statement:  We are Respectful, Responsible, & Helpful!

Mission Statement:   We will Help others, Stand up for each other, and 
Be honest! Be a Friend!

*To Find Our Yearly Pacing Guide of skills for each week:  Click on "Files and Documents" on the left side of our webpage. See the objectives, skills, and units of study for each week this school year!

*To Find the Most Updated List of Links:
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Summer Activities!
*ALL Spring Choice Boards 1-8 are posted below as a resource for learning this summer!

*Continued READING FOR ENJOYMENT, and EVERYDAY MATH, are very important over the summer. Enjoy reading and talking together about what you've read! For Everyday Math, here is a calendar of fun activities as well as games:
Summer Math Activities and Calendar_entering grade 5 2020-2021 Eng-Span.pdf

Dates/Times/Highlights for Pick-Up of Student Materials for Our Class... 
Please see Mr. Wray's email for full information.  Mrs. Cypher has also sent an email with highlights for our class/4th grade.  

What are we learning this week?

Final Class Meeting for this school year: Tues., June 9, at 10am!
Final Class Lunch Bunch is on Thurs., June 11, at 12 noon!
Mrs. Cypher's Office Hours are Wed June 3 & 10 from 10-11am!
Please email Mrs. Cypher for more information, questions, and Office Hour requests.

Camp Invention June 15-19 2020.pdf


Choice Board Week 8 - June 8 to June 12. 4th grade.posted.pdf
Attachment for Science:
Board 8.1 SC Revolution vs Rotation Activity.docx


Choice Board Week 7 - June 1 to June 5. 4th grade posted.pdf
Attachments for Social Studies:
Board 7.1 SS Colonial VA Picture Cards.pdf
Board 7.2 SS Colonial VA review test.pdf


Choice Board Week 6 - May 26 to May 29. 4th grade.posted2.pdf

Choice Board Week 5 - May 18 to May 22. 4th grade.posted 2.pdf
Board 5 Attachments for Social Studies:
Board 5.1 SS VS.3 Jamestown Picture Flashcards.pdf
Board 5.2 SS VS.3a-g Reading _ Questions.pdf

Choice Board Week 4 - May 11 to May 15. 4th grade.posted.pdf
Board 4 Attachment for Writing:
Board 4.1 Writing.VA Geography Study Guide.pdf

Board 4 Attachments for Science:
Board 4.1 SC Cloud Types Project _ Poster.docx
Board 4.2 SC Weather Masses _ Fronts Reading _ Questions.docx
Board 4.3 SC Severe Weather Research Articles.docx
Board 4.4 SC Severe Weather Posters.pdf

Choice Board Week 3 - May 4 to May 8. 4th grade. posted.pdf
Board 3 Attachments for Social Studies:
Board 3.1 SS Native Americans- The First Inhabitants of VA Power Point.ppt
Board 3.2 SS VS.2d-g VA Indians Past _ Present Reading _ Questions.docx
Board 3.3 SS Sorts. VS.2d-g VA Indians Adapt to the Climate _ Language Groups Sorts.docx
Board 3.4 SS VS.2d-g VA Studies Native America.pdf
Board 3.5 SS VS 2d Indian Lang Groups STUDENT VERSION.pdf

Choice Board Week 2- April 27th to May 1st. 4th Grade. posted.docx

Additional Resources for Week 2 Science Activities:
SOL 4.9 Natural Resources Study Guide with pics. For Choice Board 2.pdf
Unit 1 mineral resources book.pdf. For Choice Board 2.pdf
Virginia's Natural Resources Matching Cards SOL 4.9.pdf. For Choice Board 2.pdf

Choice Board Week 1 - April 15th to April 24th. 4th Grade.docx
Social Studies regions study guide to go with Choice Board 1 Activity.pdf

 Upcoming Tests/Units: (dates below are tentative; please see student Agenda for most updated dates once written)


Daily Homework
Daily homework includes:
*Reading for at least 20 minutes (This should be reading for enjoyment and from a variety of sources... parent-approved fiction, nonfiction, magazines, online, etc. It is important for students to read independently and with others, silently and aloud.  It is essential that students are talking with others about what they are reading.)
*Practice basic multiplication facts, through x12 facts (It is essential that students practice these facts for fast recall and accuracy.  Students begin making multiplication flashcards the first week of school that will come home and return to school daily.  These cards can be used for daily homework practice as well as any other activities including parent-approved multiplication games that can be googled online.  Students who have mastered multiplication may continue with basic division facts. This homework time is also helpful for students needing additional support with basic addition and subtraction facts.
 *Students should be sharing at home the content they have learned in math, social studies, and science.  These notebooks may go home at any time, and must be returned daily to school. (Social Studies and Science are taught in alternating units. Daily review at home will support students to be prepared to build upon their learning the next day.  Seeing and reviewing at home what the student has practiced at school will also provide examples of what the student may need additional help with at home. 

*Additional projects/activities that are assigned will be written by students on the student Agenda.  This includes test dates.

Data Binders
The binder that holds the student Agenda is the Data Binder.  This binder, along with the homework folder, comes to school and home everyday.  Your student needs to kindly ask you to please sign the Agenda daily, as it lists current homework/projects. They also need to check the homework folder daily for any homework activities due, information, or graded activities sent home.  

Inside of the binder is a collection of fun data about the student.
Unit Test and Assessment grades are posted in the online gradebook. Graded Math, Social Studies and Science tests will come home after being reviewed in class.  For any online County Reading and Math Assessments which cannot come home, grades will be posted in the online gradebook.  

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Encore Schedule <Time>

 Day Encore
 Monday P.E.
 Tuesday Library
 Wednesday Art
 Thursday P.E.
 Friday Music

Mondays and Thursdays:  Sneakers are needed for P.E.!

Tuesdays:  Time to return and renew books to the school Library!
Daily Schedule 

8:50 9:00
9:00 10:35      Math
10:35 11:20      Encore
11:20 12:20 Social Studies / Science
12:20 12:50   Lunch
12:50 2:00   Language Arts
2:00 2:30   Recess
2:30 3:00   Language Arts
3:00 3:35   Core Extension
3:35 3:40   Dismissal