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   I wish you well.  
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I've tried to streamline this page to make information easily accessible by either phone or computer.  You will have to keep scrolling to see it all!

*If you are on your phone you can click on the plus sign next to my name above (in yellow) to see additional links. If you are on a computer you can find those same links on the left side of this page* 

Camp Invention Connect Summer Program is now registering students. Click here to find out more!

Use the following contacts if you are in need of support services.  This includes our school counselors, social worker, and reading/SPED/START/ESOL specialists.  In addition, Victory Encore teachers have updated their class pages to provide you with activities for at home review.

Due to our extended break from school, it will be important to work on basic reading, writing, and math skills whenever you can.   Check out these links and the optional activity ideas for ways to review previously taught concepts while at home. 

I am not expecting you to be your child's home school teacher, but reviewing topics that have already been taught will help your child maintain that learning during our extended time off.