Techniques for Achieving Goals topics-Fourth grade is working on algebra at the mall.  They have learned a lot of algebra this year and will culminate with making their own mall in the classroom. 
Fifth grade has worked on number base systems and developing their power points to work with strings.
We do TAG each time students attend SIGNET. 
Challenge time is used for higher order thinking skill development.  We also spend time learning new challenge topics.  I alternate language and math topics for challenge.  
Red Herring is a quick story that causes them to think outside of the box.  Students hear a scenario and must solve it asking only yes and no questions.  
Generating Ideas Together is a brainstorming activity that students must work together as a team to come up with ideas.  Given a short amount of time they must come up with as many ideas as possible.  The more outside of the box thinking done the more points for the team.  Over 6 classes they accumulate points and the team with the most points gets a certificate.
Center time is used for students to do research into topics of their choosing.   Each student is required to do the Treasure Seekers center to learn how to do thinking maps and centers.  After completing treasure seekers, the students choose their own centers to complete.